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CMU Insights: Three webinars providing an overview of the last year in the music business

By | Published on Wednesday 28 October 2020


As we reach the final phase of the bizarre year that is 2020, CMU Insights is presenting three webinars providing a concise overview of all the key trends and developments that have happened in the music business in the last twelve months.

The first session on 3 Nov will consider how COVID-19 has impacted on the different strands of the music industry. What will the live sector look like when it finally resumes? Why is music publishing more affected by COVID than recorded music? What impact has COVID had on the artist/fan relationship? And will the pandemic also result in new long-term revenue streams emerging for the music industry?

The second session on 10 Nov puts the spotlight on digital. While the streaming boom continues led by Spotify-style services, the digital music market is diversifying again. We will look at what that diversification involves, and the challenges and opportunities presented by new kinds of services. Plus we’ll consider the ongoing issues with the Spotify-style model that have become a big talking point again as a result of the COVID shutdown of live music.

The final session on 17 Nov deals with music copyright trends. The music rights business is very much in growth, though what short and long-term impacts will COVID have? Meanwhile, how are copyright law and the industry’s licensing systems evolving? Will these changes overcome ongoing issues, and – if not – what changes should the music community be campaigning for in the years ahead?

You can book into individual webinars here. Or you can buy a ticket for just £60 that gets you into all three of our industry trends webinars – find out more about that here.