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CMU Insights to present results of three new surveys at The Great Escape

By | Published on Wednesday 2 April 2014

CMU Insights

The CMU Insights team are currently undertaking three pieces of research ahead of The Great Escape in May, with the findings of each due to be presented and discussed during the Brighton music business convention.

As previously reported, CMU is teaming up with Dan Le Sac to survey a panel of artists and managers about the digital debates that have been rumbling on in the artist community over the last year. A key part of the Global Digital Markets insights strand at TGE, the survey will look at what artists know and think about the emerging streaming music market, where concerns lie, and what information they would like to see, and what changes to occur.

Says Le Sac: “Whether or not you agree with Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich, the debate they initiated in the artist community about Spotify et al has been an important one. As new digital services rush to sign up labels and publishers, the artist community often gets left out of the conversation. I look forward to finding out what digital issues concern artists and managers in 2014, and where the artist community sees the opportunities as digital becomes the primary way we distribute our music”.

CMU Insights, the training and consultancy side of the CMU operation, will also be surveying music media editors and journalists about the way they approach and cover festivals, information from which will be presented during The Festival Business insights strand, which will discuss how festivals can stand out in the media and on social media in such a crowded market place.

Meanwhile a third piece of research will speak to artists, journalists and campaigners who have taken part in the debate this last year about the way women are represented in and by the music industry, a debate fuelled by the controversy surrounding the release of Robin Thicke hit ‘Blurred Lines’. CMU Insights will prepare an action list based on the input of this panel as to what action the industry could take to tackle concerns, which will then be discussed by a panel of artist and industry execs at The Great Escape.

If you are interested in contributing to or finding our more about any of these research projects contact And to get your delegate pass for the CMU Insights-programmed TGE convention click here.