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CMU Library: Music Copyright

By | Published on Wednesday 24 June 2020


CMU exists to help you navigate and understand the music business. And to help with that process we have the CMU Library, which allows you to access guides, reports, slides and podcasts from the CMU archives by music industry topic.

The Music Copyright section of the Library includes CMU Trends guides on things like copyright jargon, collective licensing, sync licensing and safe harbours.

Plus there are Setlist podcast specials that dissect and explain some key music copyright disputes from over the years, including the Jay-Z moral rights case, the Kraftwerk sampling case, the Prince dancing baby case and the Blurred Lines song-theft case.

You can check out the Music Copyright section of the CMU Library here. To get full access to all the guides in the CMU Library you need to become a premium subscriber, which you can still do for just £5 a month here.