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By | Published on Monday 19 August 2013

Julia Holter

August tends to be a bit of a quiet period in the music industry, though we have had a few big stories break in the last couple of weeks. But for the most part it’s all festivals and holidays. If you’re not on holiday or at a festival though, this is a good time to stop and take stock of what’s been going on. In our feature slot this week and next, we’ll be helping to bring you up to speed with some big ongoing stories.

And here right now is a round-up of news stories, events, new releases and gigs that you should be keeping an eye out for this week.

DLT in court. Former Radio 1 and Magic FM presenter Dave Lee Travis will appear at Westminster Magistrates Court this Friday. He was charged last week with eleven counts of indecent assault and one of sexual assault. Travis, who will be tried under his real name, David Griffin, was arrested and questioned earlier this year as part of Operation Yewtree.

Reading & Leeds. There are major festivals in both Reading and Leeds this week. What a coincidence. And, get this, they both have almost identical line-ups. You couldn’t make it up. Both events will be headlined by Green Day, Eminem and Biffy Clyro. You wanna go? Well you can’t, cos they’re both sold out. Unless you are one of the people who bought a ticket, of course.

The National Portrait Gallery’s Bob Dylan exhibition opens. A range of portraits by Bob Dylan will go on display at the London-based National Portrait Gallery this weekend. Billed as “an amalgamation of features the musician has collected from life, memory and his imagination and fashioned into people”, ‘Bob Dylan: Face Value’ will present twelve newish pastel drawings of real and fictional characters, as will a book of the same name that’ll be available later this year.

New releases. The Julia Holter album is out, everyone. The Julia Holter album is out. Everyone. Go and buy the Julia Holter album. Seriously. Stop reading this and buy it. It is brilliant. Of course, now I’ve used up most of my word count on saying all that. And now this. Which leaves me very little space to also tell you that there are also albums out this week by Earl Sweatshirt, King Krule, Ty Segall, Diana, Julianna Barwick, Laura Veirs, No Age, Shigeto, Zola Jesus and Crocodiles. Also, there’s a remix of Phoenix‘s ‘Trying To Be Cool’ by R Kelly out. And the new Julia Holter album, of course.

Gigs and tours. Right, so both Green Day and Nine Inch Nails are playing ‘intimate’ one-off shows in London this week. One more intimate than the other (1200 trumps 5000, sorry Billie). Also playing one-offs in the capital this week are Woods and Anna Meredith. Touring (or at least playing more than one show in more than one city) are Crocodiles and San Cisco.