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CMU to programme 2011 Great Escape convention

By | Published on Wednesday 1 December 2010

It’s not often we lead with news about ourselves, but this is very exciting so please forgive the slight abuse of power. Organisers of the rather marvellous Great Escape have this morning confirmed that we, yes, that’s right, Team CMU, will programme the convention part of next year’s event. 

The three day music business conference, which takes place alongside the Great Escape new music festival in Brighton from 12-14 May, is already one of the biggest events in the UK music industry year, and in 2011 we will take it to a whole new level, bringing together the very best people from across the UK, European and worldwide music industries to discuss and debate the new approaches to the business of music that are now starting to deliver. 

We’ll be tapping into our unrivalled knowledge of what is happening day to day in the UK music business to make sure The Great Escape convention, more than any other industry event, is bang up to date, and packed with the best practical advice and networking opportunities. We’ll also try to increase the number of gags. 

To confirm the new partnership between CMU and The Great Escape, we somehow secured an exclusive interview with CMU Co-Founder and Publisher Chris Cooke, who says this: “After a decade of turmoil, I genuinely believe the foundations of the music industry of the future are starting to emerge. We write about great ideas and exciting new approaches to the business of music every day, and we look forward to bringing together the people behind those ideas and approaches to speak, debate, advise, network and party at next year’s Great Escape convention, the one truly unmissable event in the music industry’s busy calendar”. 

From their side, Martin Elbourne, one of the co-founders of The Great Escape, told us: “As Europe’s leading festival for new music, we are looking forward to CMU creating Europe’s leading music industry convention”. 

So, as we say, all very exciting. And you can be part of it. Firstly, if you buy your delegate passes right now – which gets you into the whole convention plus priority access to the also brilliant Great Escape festival – you can get them for a mere £80. Book now at Plus, for those of you planning to attend, we are inviting suggestions of topics you’d like see covered, advice you’d like to tap, and people you’d love to hear from. You can make your suggests via the Great Escape’s industry Facebook group.