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CMU:DIY returns with Urban Development and video focused session this week

By | Published on Monday 15 February 2016


The first CMU:DIY session of 2016 takes place this week with the latest CMU:DIY x Urban Development Industry Takeover Seminar happening at London’s Red Bull Studios on Wednesday night.

This time the topic is ‘Making & Monetising Video Content’, with spoken-word artist Suli Breaks, filmmaker and activist Akinola Davies, and Hyperfrank founder Laura Brosnan amongst those who will be sharing their expertise.

CMU’s Chris Cooke will host as always, and in a pre-event blog post he notes: “Video has been a big part of the music mix for decades now of course, and has been a key marketing tool for the record industry ever since the rise of MTV in the 1980s. Though, arguably, it has never been more important for artists to create good and regular video content than it is in 2016”.

He goes on: “Obviously, for self-releasing artists without a label’s marketing budget, producing decent videos to accompany each track released can be a challenge. Though it’s a lot easier and cheaper to produce good video content today than in the past, and a clever creative concept can easily outperform a more generic video that a major label spent 50 grand filming”.

But “there is more to music video than music video”, he adds. “Which is to say, artists increasingly need to create video content other than the customary ‘pop promo’ that accompanies a single release. This is particularly true if an artist wants to use YouTube as a direct-to-fan channel, where you connect with fans on a regular basis and use existing fans to help you reach new people, with the ultimate aim of generating a little revenue through the Google advertising system”.

Read the full blog post here. Buy tickets to the session here.