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CMU:DIY x Urban Development return with another Industry Takeover Seminar

By | Published on Tuesday 21 June 2016

Cheering crowd at concert

CMU:DIY teams up with Urban Development once again tonight for another Industry Takeover Seminar, this time taking place at the Big Think Hub in Shoreditch.

These regular nights provide new artists with a guide to building fanbase and planning their careers, and an introduction to the various strands of the music industry that they may work with down the line, with CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke kickstarting the proceedings with a short talk before questioning a panel of experts.

Tonight the theme is getting on stage, with Cooke noting in a pre-event blog post: “Most new artists hope to work with various music business partners once their careers gain momentum, including labels, publishers, agents, promoters, merchandisers and management. But these days artists need to get that momentum going for themselves, by writing great songs, recording great music, and then finding that initial fanbase”.

He goes on: “While you’ll need to get your social and digital channels sorted as part of that process, by far the best way to reach and engage new fans is to get on stage and put on a great show. The digital channels are there so that – if and when you excite a new audience – those people can connect with you online and stay in touch with you moving forward”.

But how do you get on stage? That’s the topic for tonight, and joining the panel are Raj Chaudhuri from Boiler Room, Ross Murray-Jones from YPlan, Nigel R Glasgow from B Flat Productions and Kelly Wood from the Musicians Union. You’ll find more info and tickets here.