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CMU:DIY x Urban Development session looks at ‘Getting Noticed’

By | Published on Monday 18 July 2016


The final CMU:DIY x Urban Development session before the summer break takes place in Shoreditch tomorrow, with the topic for discussion being ‘Getting Noticed’.

Writes CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke in his pre-event blog: “So, you’ve written the songs, you’ve recorded some tracks, your socials are sorted and you’re starting to gig. Well done. What next? Well, it’s probably time to try to get yourself onto the radar of the music media and the music industry”.

“Why?” he goes on. “Well, because, despite the undeniable power of digital channels and the social networks, so many musicians are trying to get noticed today that many music fans still look to blogs, magazines, websites and radio shows for a guide to which new artists and new tracks are worth checking out. And assuming you want to start forming partnerships with music companies, which you almost certainly do, they too are influenced by bloggers, journalists and radio DJs”.

“Of course, while media can help you get noticed by a wider potential fanbase, first you need to get noticed by the media, which is no simple task. Did I mention how many musicians are trying to get noticed today? Though there are plenty of bloggers, journalist and DJs out there who make it their mission to discover great new music, and great new artists, so there are people waiting to discover you, you just need to get your music into their ears”.

How do you do that? Well, Cooke has a few more tips in his blog post here, but the really good advice will come tomorrow evening from the panel: Sam Potts from Columbia Records, Simon Rugg from [PIAS], Tobi Oke from Complex UK and Jake Helps from Spinnup. Click here to book tickets.