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CMU’s Great Escape Special now available to read online

By | Published on Tuesday 22 May 2018

The Great Escape 2018

20 years after CMU first emerged as a magazine writing about music, music people and the music business, last week we went temporarily back into print with a Great Escape Special inserted in every delegate bag at The Great Escape.

The magazine included articles linked to the three conferences CMU Insights presented as part of this year’s TGE Convention, plus summaries of the 20 biggest stories CMU has covered over the last two decades and an overview of the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ project CMU Insights has undertaken for the Music Managers Forum. You can access the magazine as a PDF here, if that’s the sort of thing you like to do.

But many of those articles can now also be accessed on the CMU website. Silvia Gargiulo from BIY People & Talent, who spoke at The Education Conference, provides some top tips for getting a music career started. Each of the start-ups who presented as part of The AI Conference provide the lowdown on their businesses. And we get some top tips from four of the China-based music people who took part in The China Conference.

Click here to access all these stories, plus the ‘CMU is 20’ article and the ‘Digital Dollar’ update.

And look out for CMU’s coverage of this year’s three TGE conferences starting in your CMU Daily from tomorrow.