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CMU’s One Liners: Blinkbox Books buyer talks, Tupac biopic filming, Macklemore looking deplorable, and much more from the coalface of music

By | Published on Thursday 15 January 2015


Other notable announcements and developments today…

• So, we know that Tesco has sold Blinkbox Movies to TalkTalk. And that Blinkbox Music is likely to go to Guvera. But what of Blinkbox Books? Well, Waterstones is probably going to buy it. Seems reasonable.

• Enter Shikari will open their own shop on Camden High Street on 29 Jan, in order to sell copies of their new album, ‘The Mindsweep’. It’ll be available in other shops too, but this is one of those promotional things you hear about these days.

• Macklemore is the latest popstar to adapt a song for ‘Sesame Street’. The new version of ‘Thrift Shop’ features 100% less swearing and 100% more use of the word ‘deplorable’. Watch here.

• The much talked about, little filmed Tupac biopic looks like it is about to actually happen. “That project is being put together for a June start date”, producer Randall Emmett told Collider. “The script is great and we’re ready to make the movie. We’re just prepping the logistics”.

• James Blake used the final show of his Radio 1 residency to announce that his new album will be called ‘Radio Silence’. Ironically, no one seems to have noticed this when the show was broadcast in December. Now it’s up on SoundCloud though, and it’s all anyone can talk about.

• Tedious mathematician Caribou has shared an overly long playlist for you to listen to. There are 1000 tracks on it. Who has the time? Maybe you, so here it is. There is some good stuff on it, though I suppose that is just statistically inevitable.

• Ciara has made her new single, ‘I Bet’, available via a partnership with ‘L’Uomo Vogue’ – ie the Italian men’s fashion mag offshoot of Vogue – put a YouTube embed on its website. She did an interview too, but it’s in Italian.

• Todd Terje will headline a Rinse-hosted night at Ministry Of Sound on 28 Feb. Live, not DJing, just so we’re clear. Other names on the bill include XXXY, Waifs & Strays and Appleblim. Those other ones will be DJing, I think.

• My gran always used to say that if there was one thing you should do in your lifetime, it was to see LetLive play at the House Of Blues in Florida. Well, sorry grandma, that’s no longer a possibility. The band have been banned from performing at the Disney-owned venue, though no reason has been given. They were due to appear as part of their tour supporting Taking Back Sunday on 3 Apr.

• Former Marillion frontman Fish has announced that he plans to retire from the music game in the autumn of 2017. Sure, that’s ages away, but apparently it’ll take that long to release all the records he wants to put out and tour dates he wants to play. And, for that matter, to read the blog post he’s written about it.

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