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CMU+TGE 2021 Panel: What the fanbase building process involves in 2021

By | Published on Wednesday 28 April 2021

TGE Panel - Fanbase Building

The Great Escape Online is taking place on 13 and 14 May, with a packed conference programme of interviews, webinars, briefings and debates, both on-demand and live, as well as networking opportunities galore within a bespoke online conference platform.

CMU is presenting three strands of panels and briefings this year. That includes Future Music Talent, looking at how music educators and the music industry can better support entrepreneurial early-career music-makers, how COVID has impacted the fanbase-building process for DIY phase artists, and why it’s more important than ever to educate the creative community about copyright and data. Look out for this panel as part of the Future Music Talent strand…

Music-makers who aspire to be successful frontline artists need to find an audience for their music-making, and this fanbase building process begins in the DIY Phase, before the music industry is on board.

But what does fanbase building at this level actually involve? How can music-makers stand out in such a crowded market place? What tools are available to help with the process? And how can educators and the industry provide support?

A team of managers with hands-on experience of the fanbase building process – all of whom have taken part in the MMF’s Accelerator programme – offer their insider insights and practical tips. Hear from Ameena Badley, Ben Skerritt, Kaiya Milan and Nick Myers.

To access the CMU strands and all the other content available as part of TGE Online this year get yourself a delegate pass here.