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CMU+TGE Sessions at The Great Escape 2023: Music + Deals

By | Published on Wednesday 26 October 2022

CMU+TGE Music + Deals

We recently announced initial details about the CMU+TGE conference sessions that will be taking place at The Great Escape in Brighton next May. That programme includes a full-day focus on music and deals on Thursday 11 May.

All kinds of music industry deal-making will be in the spotlight. That includes the deals between artists and their business partners – including labels, publishers, promoters, agents and managers. Plus also the deals done between the music industry and users of music, including digital platforms, media and consumer brands.

How are the deals changing? How are they negotiated? What issues and challenges stop deals being done – or the deal-making from even starting? And how are new technologies impacting on the deal-making process?

Key topics include…

Every artist deal is different – and that has never been more true than today! What are the options for artists when choosing business partners to work with to build businesses and develop revenue streams around their recordings, songs, shows, merchandise and fanbase?

When it comes to artist deals, what are current industry conventions and how do those differ from country to country? What have been the big deal-making developments in the last 20 years – and what will the key deals look like in 2040?

A diverse and complex range of digital products and platforms will be generating revenues for the music industry in the decade ahead. How do the industry’s deals with different digital platforms compare – and how do those deals work? And how does that impact on how artists and songwriters get paid?

Plus, how do record labels, music publishers and collecting societies interact with technology companies that are developing brand new business models – and how can the industry get better and faster at capitalising on new opportunities?

When brands want to work with music, they often want access to recordings, songs, shows, merchandise and the artist’s fanbase. But achieving that will likely involve many deals with many different music companies. What do brands need to know? What do artists need to know? And how can the industry get more from the brand partnership opportunity?

A small number of delegate passes are still available at the special early bird rate of £180, which gets you full access to both the TGE festival and conference. But these will run out soon!

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