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CMU+TGE Update: Exploring the Artist Circle at The Great Escape

By | Published on Thursday 28 April 2022

TGE 2022 Artists Circle

The Great Escape 2022 is nearly here – and each day in the CMU Daily we are providing a guide to the CMU+TGE Sessions taking place there this year. That all kicks off on Wednesday 11 May at 10am with the MUSIC + EDUCATION strand, bringing together music educators and the music industry, and everyone involved in supporting new music talent.

This strand focuses on the research work of CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation. This is our not-for-profit organisation that exists to support music educators and music talent development programmes around the UK and beyond, and to help early-career music-makers plan their personal pathways into music.

Over the last few years, the Foundation has been mapping music careers, identifying the pathways taken by both frontline artists and portfolio musicians, as well as those who aspire to work in the music industry. In the latest phase of that research, we’ve been developing the Artist Circle, which illustrates the process music-makers go through as they build a career around their music-making – creating music, building a fanbase, releasing music, and accessing funding and revenue.

With the Artist Circle, we want to help music educators help music-makers better understand how they can go about creating great music, getting that music to an audience, interacting with that audience, and ultimately generating money and building a career out of their music-making. That music-making activity may always be a sideline for the artist, or one strand of a portfolio career in music, or a stepping stone to pursing a career as a full-time frontline artist.

So what information and knowledge should educators be passing onto their students and early-career artists to help them understand the Artist Circle and pursue a pathway into music? What resources and support should they sign-post?

To help answer those questions, at TGE we will bring together twelve industry experts who between them will identify the top 40 things we need to be telling early-career artists. That’s ten tips for creating music, ten tips for building a fanbase, ten tips for releasing music, and ten tips for accessing funding and revenue.

Those experts are: Liam Craig from North West Regional College; Charlotte Caleb from cSquaredLDN; Adam Jooliafrom AudioActive; Erika Thomas from WMA; Chris Chadwick from Famous Friends; Fiona Mcauley from Atlantic Records UK; Shikayla Nadine from SNM Management; Henriette Heimdal from Family in Music; Natasha Gregoryfrom Mother Artists; Chris Hunte from Addition; Whiskas from Music Local + Launchpad; and Lucy Stone from No Stone Unturned Fundraising.

Find out more about the MUSIC+EDUCATION strand at TGE here. And to access MUSIC+EDUCATION specifically or TGE in general, you can buy passes here.