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CMU+TGE Update: Follow a new track on its data journey at The Great Escape

By | Published on Tuesday 3 May 2022


The Great Escape 2022 is nearly here, kicking off next Wednesday, 11 May. And each day in the CMU Daily we are providing a guide to the CMU+TGE Sessions taking place there this year – including the MUSIC+DATA strand on Thursday 12 May, presented in association with the BPI.

The first half of MUSIC+DATA will be focused on track and rights data, and will explain how this data helps artists and songwriters get their music played and their royalties paid.

It will also look at the data standards, systems and platforms used by record labels, music distributors, music publishers, collecting societies and streaming services, and the role everyone plays in making sure the data flows.

But what does all that mean in practical terms? Well, join us as we follow a brand new track on its data journey. What’s that track? Well, it’s the Setlist theme tuned reimagined, because we all know that Setlist listeners have been desperate to include that theme tune in their personal playlists.

We’ll watch what data is required and created as the track is distributed to the streaming services, and then pushed into the collecting society databases, in the UK and beyond.

What other databases do we need to know about? What databases are linked to what revenue streams in what countries? What data is required when music is broadcast or played in clubs? What about to secure sync deals? Where does music recognition technology fit in?

Who creates the data? Who manages the data? What are the biggest challenges? What new technologies and initiatives are being employed to meet those challenges? And what role do managers, labels and publishers play along the way?

We’ll hear from loads of music data experts, including people working in management and at labels, distributors, publishers and collecting societies. That includes TuneCore’s Sarah Wilson, who will talk through the data created as a track is distributed.

PPL’s Stuart Fitzsimon will talk about the record industry initiatives to make it easier to get rights data into collecting society databases worldwide; while Sessions’ David Campbell and Family In Music’s Kevin Bacon will discuss the data tools their respective companies provide.

Elsewhere, Audoo’s Ryan Edwards, and Chris Lewis and Damon Rickard from PRS For Music, will discuss the role of music recognition technology; and rights expert Becky Brook will be among those considering some of the key data challenges and solutions.

Find out more about the MUSIC + DATA strand at TGE here. And to access all this – get yourself a delegate pass here.