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Coachella offers identity protection to hacked customers

By | Published on Monday 27 March 2017


Coachella promoter Goldenvoice – a subsidiary of what we all now always remember to call AEG Presents – is offering one year of identity protection services for free to certain people affected by the recent data hack on the festival’s website.

As previously reported, the hack was reported last month and subsequently confirmed by the festival. At the time, it said that usernames, first and last names, shipping addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth had been taken during the attack, though no passwords or financial information had been accessed.

In a new page on the Goldenvoice website, offering more information on the attack and what to do if you are affected, the firm adds that ID uploaded to the website has also been taken. Customers are asked for information about their drivers licence, or other forms of identification, in order to verify who they are when they collect their wristbands. It is the people who had provided this information who are now being offered identity protection.

“Certain individuals may be eligible to receive identity protection services from AllClear ID for twelve months at no cost to you”, says the website. “These services include AllClear Identity Repair and AllClear Credit Monitoring. Only individuals with a driver’s license or other form of ID in our database are eligible to receive these services at no cost”.

It adds: “We continue to investigate the security incident, in partnership with law enforcement and independent computer forensic investigators, to learn more and prevent a similar issue from occurring in the future. Though the security vulnerability has been remediated, we will continue to monitor the situation closely for any additional suspicious activity. Furthermore, we have applied important security updates to our systems and taken other proactive measures to help safeguard our services and protect your personal information”.

More information here.