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Coldcut release new music-making app

By | Published on Friday 14 February 2020

Jamm Pro

Ninja Tune and Coldcut have released a new iPad-based music-making app called Jamm Pro – a new version of the existing Ninja Jamm app.

Designed by one half of Coldcut and Ninja Tune co-founder Matt Black, the app was originally intended as a tool for Coldcut live shows and has existed in various forms for 25 years. Encompassing a variety of sequencers, the key upgrade in this version is the ability for users to input their own sounds – either through pre-recorded samples, using the iPad microphone, or taking sounds from other apps, or from instruments such as guitar and keyboard.

“Sound is living data, like DNA”, says Black. “Just as information wants to be free, not fixed, sound can be fluidly mixed, mutated, and recombined in infinite ways so the mix is never finished, it stays alive”.

The app is available in Apple’s App Store now. Watch a video demonstration here: