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Coldplay now see themselves as “a service”

By | Published on Friday 10 January 2020


Coldplay are unambitious and just churn out music for the braying masses. Not my words; the words of Chris Martin. Sort of. He’s said that the band have achieved everything they want to achieve and now see themselves as “a service” for the fans. Which is basically what I said.

Speaking to Q, Martin explains that following the release of their 2015 album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’, the band toured the world, headlined Glastonbury for the fourth time and played the Super Bowl half time show. At which point they realised that there wasn’t much left for them to do.

“It was like, ‘OK, we’ve got to that place, we’ve got to that job description, now what are we going to do with it?’ And I hadn’t felt that we’d got there until the end of that tour. Nothing is left in terms of career aspirations”.

“Our job [now] is to translate the songs that we receive and get out there and be of use to people if they want it”, he goes on. “We’ve got to be a service, like a TV station. Or a tap”.

Of course, you can turn off a TV or a tap.

The fact that the band are now just going through the motions, and therefore have no real urge to get on stage, presumably made it easier for them to declare late last year that they will not now tour in any significant way until they can make it “actively beneficial” to the environment.

Without the usual two year touring schedule ahead of them, but with the band still a going concern, what is left? Well, they’re just sitting around “receiving” those songs from the ether. Which means that they’ll soon be heading straight back to the studio to work on the follow-up to the recently released ‘Everyday Life’ album.

“We knew this would probably be over by Christmas so we’re keen to get on with the next thing”, says drummer Will Champion of the promo for ‘Everyday Life’. “We’ve got songs ready to go and recording sessions earmarked. We’re really excited to move on”.

Which means that everyday life from now on is basically a near constant stream of new Coldplay albums. The tap is broken, it just won’t turn off.