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Cole lawyers to get access to Cowell contract

By | Published on Tuesday 16 July 2013

Cheryl Cole

A US judge has given Cheryl Cole’s lawyers access to contracts between ‘X-Factor’ US makers Blue Orbit and the judging panel on the first series of the show – Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Paula Abdul – as part of the Girl Aloud’s attempts to sue the telly firm for a neat $2 million.

As previously reported, Cole began legal action against ‘X-USA’ last year. The singer, of course, moved with Cowell from the UK version of the show to the American edition when it first went into development, but was dropped as a judge before the programme ever aired.

Cole says that, while she was paid for the first season of ‘X-USA’, her contract entitled her to a fee for the second series as well, even though she never appeared on the actual programme. She also says she’s owed expenses relating to her short time working on the show.

According to the Mirror, Cole’s legal team requested that the courts give them access to their client’s fellow X judge’s contracts to help with their prep for the case. The legal agreements will not be made be public though.

One of those insiders told the tabloid: “This paperwork is a clear sign that Cheryl wants her day in court. She is pushing for full fees… $2million, legal fees and a bonus, which could total $3.5million. Cheryl will learn what Simon earned and her co-stars too. Those papers could be the smoking gun if she can show others have been treated differently to her”.