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Comedy to return to Radio 1

By | Published on Friday 26 January 2018

BBC Radio 1

Listening to the likes of Lee & Herring, Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci on Radio 1 was pretty formative for me as a thirteen year old, so I’m pleased to hear that the BBC youth station is bringing comedy back to its schedule. And in the popular 3am-4am slot too.

A total of nine different series are set to go out over the course of this year, starting next month. Among the comedians commissioned to create shows are Ed Night and Lauren Pattison, YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf, ‘Beef And Dairy Network’* creator Ben Partridge, Jen Wakefield, and sketch group Birthday Girls.

As well as being broadcast in their unsociable FM slot, the shows will also be available as podcasts and on the BBC Radio iPlayer app.

Radio 1 Controller Ben Cooper says: “I grew up listening to ‘Blue Jam’ and ‘The Mary Whitehouse Experience’ on Radio 1, so it’s great to be able to give a new generation of young comedians an opportunity to make us laugh on a podcast from the BBC”.

The first show to air will be ‘Ed And Lauren Get It On’, which will run for twelve episodes from 7 Feb. Each week they’ll look at a different reason why being an adult is utterly rubbish.

Says Pattison: “I am THRILLED to be given the opportunity to bring a fresh and fierce voice to Radio 1 alongside my soon-to-be-partner in crime Ed. It’s a great chance for me to not only have some fun and maybe cause some light chaos, but to delve into some hot topics and burning issues in a way that’s brutally honest, opinionated and most importantly from the perspective of a young working class scamp like myself”.

Next up, ‘Niki & Sammay’s Peachy Podcast’ will be on the air from 22 Feb, and Ben Patridge’s** ‘Ray Moss: No Stone Unturned’ will be on in the middle of the night from 30 Mar. Each episode of the shows will be available as a podcast on the Monday of the week they air on the radio.

You can’t currently subscribe to any of these podcasts though, so don’t even bother looking.

*If you’re not already listening to the ‘Beef And Dairy Network Podcast’, you really should sort that out.

**Seriously, it’s so weird and funny. I love it.