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Conrad Murray could be out of jail by Christmas

By | Published on Friday 26 October 2012

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray, the doctor jailed for causing the death of Michael Jackson through negligence, could be out of jail by Christmas, his lawyer has claimed.

The former medic is currently serving a four year prison sentence in LA after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. The judge who heard Murray’s trial was severe in his summing up of the case after the jury delivered its guilty verdict, claiming the doctor had never shown any remorse for his actions and should therefore serve as long a prison sentence as the law allowed.

However, it was speculated from the start that Murray, who still claims he is innocent of the involuntary manslaughter charges, would actually serve the majority of his prison term under house arrest, because of overcrowding in the Californian prison system.

The Sun quotes Valerie Wass, who is now seemingly representing Murray, as saying: “I hope Conrad may be allowed to come home for Christmas. It is ridiculous he has been in there for a year. He is not dangerous, violent or the type you need to take off the streets to punish him. They have already stripped him of his medical license and it is a waste of everybody’s time and money to have him in there”.