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Conrad Murray has latest appeal request rejected

By | Published on Friday 25 April 2014

Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray’s latest attempt to have his conviction for the manslaughter of Michael Jackson overturned has been unsuccessful.

As much previously reported, Murray was convicted of causing the late king of pop’s death through negligence in 2011. After serving two years in prison, he has since been attempting to clear his name.

An appeal court refused to hear the case in January, after Murray’s legal team were unsuccessful in claiming that mistakes had been made in the original trial.

This week Murray went to the California Supreme Court to argue that the growth of digital media would have made it impossible for the jury in the original trial to have avoided seeing reports on the case outside of the court, some of which may have prejudiced their judgement. Unfortunately for Murray, this appeal was also rejected.

The former doctor still has the option to go to federal court, and yesterday his lawyer Valerie Wass said that this was now his intention.