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Coombes reveals Supergrass split via email

By | Published on Wednesday 12 January 2011


Former Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes has revealed that he split his band up via email, adding that “the connection wasn’t there” and that the three band members “weren’t on the same page”. I think those two quotes are metaphors for the situation the band found itself in, and not related to technical problems in sending that email. Because if he was taking about email issues, the band might still be together.

Anyway, Coombes told Bang Showbiz: “I just sat down one night and just wrote an email out to everyone, saying we should call it a day and I kind of want to put my effort into something that I’m going to get immediate reward from and excitement. I didn’t feel like we were challenging each other in the right way, or things just weren’t coming out the way they should”.

Speaking to Digital Spy, he added: “I think it was just that the connection wasn’t there. For whatever reason we weren’t on the same page, so why force something mediocre? It just doesn’t make any sense.  We were only holding ourselves back really. Individually I just felt that we were all capable of so much more. Let’s just have a look around and fall down a few rabbit holes and see what each of us can come up with. We’re all capable”.

Asked if he thought the band might reunite one day, he said: “No. I really can’t see it. It’s not what I want to do. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen in five or ten years, but I think it would only happen if we miss each other … I can’t imagine I’ll be eating these words, I feel very strongly about it, but you have to correct me if I’m wrong in five or ten years! I feel really comfortable with the way things are. I want to leave Supergrass in the place where people remember it and I don’t want to dilute it and fuck it up”.

Having broken up the band last April, Coombes is now working on his debut solo album. Speaking to Spinner he said: “I’ve got five or six completed and totally mixed, so half the album’s totally finished, and the other half is written and just in the process of recording bits and bobs and finished vocals. It’s sounding great, I’m really chuffed”.