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Copyright owners and ISPs in Sweden ally to simplify web-blocking

By | Published on Monday 9 May 2022


The entertainment industry and various internet service providers in Sweden have entered into an agreement to simplify the web-blocking process in the country and to lobby for clearer laws regarding such web-blocks.

When the music and movie industries in Sweden first started seeking web-blocking orders through the courts – ordering ISPs to block access to piracy sites and especially The Pirate Bay – there were long-running legal battles as some net firms pushed back at the idea that they should be blocking access to websites on copyright grounds. However, in the end the copyright owners prevailed.

Now many ISPs are collaborating with groups representing the music, movie, gaming and media sectors to make it easier to process web-blocking requests from the copyright owners.

Requests will still go through the courts, but parties on both sides have committed to exchange information early on in the process, which should make things easier and more speedy once the web-blocking paperwork is actually before a judge.

Torrentfreak spotted last week¬†an update from the country’s Rights Alliance confirming the partnership with the internet companies. The rights group also stated that both copyright owners and ISPs will also “jointly strive for new, clear legislation for administrative site blocking in Sweden”.

Web-blocking has become an anti-piracy tactic of choice for the music and movie industries in those countries where such blockade are available.

ISPs often object to web-blocking when it is first proposed in any one country, although they usually fall in line eventually. However, in some countries – like Sweden – several years of back and forth in the courts were required before every net firm got on board.