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Corgan happier than ever as a Pumpkin

By | Published on Monday 13 September 2010

Billy Corgan has defended his continued use of the Smashing Pumpkins name. As previously reported, Corgan has been performing under the Pumpkins name without any of the other original members of the group since spring 2009. Some have criticised him for doing so, suggesting he should just perform as himself or set up a new band.

But, when asked about his continued use of the name by the Seattle Times recently, Corgan rambled thus: “I’m as happy as I’ve been in the Smashing Pumpkins since 1996. Why isn’t that important? Why doesn’t U2 retire? Haven’t they made enough money? Why are the Rolling Stones still on tour? There’s only Mick Jagger, Charlie Watts and Keith Richards. Why don’t they retire? I don’t understand. What’s the difference? If people wanna play and people wanna go, what does it fucking matter?”

So that’s that sorted. He also referenced Courtney Love’s continued use of the Hole name, though given that’s proved to be even more controversial than his use of the Pumpkins moniker, he’s probably best advised not to.