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Court approves Prince estate’s documentary deal

By | Published on Tuesday 12 December 2017


The court overseeing the Prince estate last week gave the green light to a major documentary project that should net the musician’s heirs an eight-figure sum, according to Billboard.

Nevertheless, not all of Prince’s heirs backed the film venture. As much previously reported, there have been rising tensions between the various beneficiaries of the Prince estate, some of whom are still advised by lawyer L Londell McMillan, who was originally a key advisor to the estate at large, but was prevented from performing that role on a permanent basis by those heirs he does not work for directly.

Former artist manager and current Spotify exec Troy Carter is now the estate’s main music industry advisor and he was a supporter of the documentary project. The deal with the makers of that film needed court approval, which was granted last week.

The judge said that the court would “be remiss in its fiduciary responsibility if it did not approve the transaction as presented”, while adding that Carter should have a degree of control over the film project so to protect the estate’s interests.