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Courtney Love considered snorting Kurt’s ashes

By | Published on Friday 18 March 2011

Courtney Love

If I remember correctly, various unusual things were supposed to have happened to Kurt Cobain’s ashes after he died. However, they didn’t disappear up Courtney Love’s nose. Not that she didn’t think about it.

In a newly published collection of interviews, music journalist Neil Strauss recalls meeting Love at her LA home in 1994, the year Cobain died: “She leaped off her bed and suddenly said, ‘Say hi to Kurt'”, pulling out her late husband’s remains. She then added: “Too bad you don’t do coke – otherwise I’d suggest taking a metal straw to it”.

It sounds like a flippant comment, gallows humour perhaps, but Strauss is adamant that she “was serious when she made the suggestion”.