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Courtney Love sued by autobiography ‘co-writer’

By | Published on Thursday 30 April 2015

Courtney Love

Ah, remember when it was announced that Courtney Love was going to publish her autobiography back in 2011? And then it never emerged. But then in 2013 Love said that she’d got a ‘co-writer’ on it, which had made things easier. And then it never emerged. And then last year she said it was “a nightmare” but still happening. Well, the latest problem is that her ‘co-writer’ is now suing her.

Journalist Anthony Bozza says in a breach of contract lawsuit filed this week that the musician owes him over $200,000 for his work on the book. He also states that he was hired to ‘co-write’ it back in 2010, which sort of sinks her claims to have started out writing it on her own.

According to the BBC, Bozza claims that Love has received $400,000 of a $1.2 million advance from publisher HarperCollins. He has, he says, been paid a $100,000 cut of this, but is now suing for the remainder of the minimum fee he was guaranteed.

The lawsuit adds that while Love reacted positively to the introduction and first two chapters he sent to her in 2012, subsequent “frequent unexplained absences meant that she did not make herself reasonably available to Bozza for months at a time”.

Love has more recently said that she is unhappy with the final draft of the book, which has caused further delays. She apparently also told Bozza via text message that she had begun working with a new ‘co-writer’, who had turned out to be “worthless”.

Neither Love nor HarperCollins have as yet commented on the case. Though, to be fair, everyone involved should probably have expected something like this to happen. We are talking about Courtney Love after all. And on the upside, the legal wranglings surrounding the autobiography will make a great last chapter to the autobiography.