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Courtney Love talks Hole LP

By | Published on Friday 19 July 2013

Courtney Love

Grunge grand dame Courtney Love is in the midst of making a new Hole LP, it transpires, so that’s nice. Provisionally titled ‘Died Blonde’, it’ll follow Love and band’s last LP, 2010’s ‘Nobody’s Daughter’. The idea is to release it at Christmas, at the same time her previously reported autobiography ‘Last Bitch Standing’ is published by Harper Collins.

Sharing a cautious (not) appraisal of the LP with Canadian site Jam, she says: “It sounds epic. It’s amazing. It’s great. But it’s really hard work”.

As for what it’s like to write a book, Love adds: “Well, I have a co-writer now so it’s actually much easier. I think his name is going to be on it but, I don’t know, if I can avoid his name being on it I will happily do that. Basically he sits there and I talk and then somebody transcribes what we talk about and then I go attack what’s on the written page and make it more literate”.

That man definitely deserves a writing credit, if not a medal.