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Craig David doesn’t think the Spice Girls reunion will be “authentic”

By | Published on Friday 2 March 2018

Spice Girls

Craig David’s not into the Spice Girls reunion, because he thinks it’s not “authentic”. He’s basing this on plans he’s drawn up for the group’s future activities in his head. David says he thinks it would be weird for them all to dress like 20 year olds and try to appeal to teenage girls now.

“It’s a funny one”, he tells Metro. “The Spice Girls as a group embodied female empowerment. But they’ve all grown into women. Victoria’s doing her own thing, Melanie C, Melanie B, Emma… Geri was very vocal when it came to politics. But to come back and pretend that they can put on those little dresses and vibe, it’s not really authentic”.

When Mel B originally spoke to the Mirror about the reunion, she made no mention of putting on little dresses and vibing. She actually said: “We feel really positive about the Spice Girls legacy right now, because all the fans are women now. Some are parents, running their own businesses. Young girls are rediscovering the Spice Girls and it just feels like a really positive time, we need the girl power message more now than ever”.

So perhaps there is a plan to try to engage younger girls and women, but the focus does mainly seem to be on the original fanbase. But David thinks they should take a leaf out of his book and aim not to win over any new fans at all.

“I can’t talk about doing what young people do, I’m 36 years old”, he says. “There’s certain things that have a time and place. But I think the fans would love to have a reunion”.

In other news, he’s also happy that gender diversity is becoming a more widely discussed topic, saying: “I’m so happy we’re in this time. It’s been so male dominant for such a long time. ‘We can’t put it under the rug anymore. Let’s have a debate, let’s talk about this”.

Just not a debate led by the Spice Girls.