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Crucified Pete Doherty to appear in London church

By | Published on Tuesday 17 February 2015

Pete Doherty

A lifesize sculpture of Pete Doherty being crucified is to go on display in London’s St Marylebone Parish Church, just as it goes up for sale for £33,000.

Titled ‘For Pete’s Sake’, the artwork was created by Nick Reynolds in 2008, and is being shown as part of a new exhibition called ‘Stations Of The Cross’, which opens later this week. It is the first time the piece has been publicly displayed, and will see it placed alongside various depictions of Christ on the cross. Not that anyone is saying that Pete Doherty is Jesus. I don’t think so, anyway.

“When I created this work I saw Pete being crucified by the media and that provided the basis of my inspiration to make this piece”, explains Reynolds, assuming you hadn’t already guessed that.

St Marylebone’s vicar, Stephen Evans, said of the appearance of the crucified musician in his church: “Doherty’s battle with addiction and a self-destructive lifestyle have been well catalogued in the press throughout his career; today, having successfully completed rehab treatment in Thailand, Doherty seeks to live a new life free of the things which had nearly destroyed him. I hope that ‘For Pete’s Sake’ might help visitors to the exhibition stop and reflect not only Christ’s Passion and Resurrection and what this means but also to stop and reflect on what in their own lives leads to death or to life”.

As noted there, Doherty is on his way back to the UK, having successfully completed a course of rehab in Thailand.