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Daedelus announces bespoke new album

By | Published on Monday 31 January 2011


Dandy experimentalist Alfred Darlington, aka Daedelus, will release his new concept-driven album ‘Bespoke’ on 11 Apr through Ninja Tune, the first single from which will be ‘Tailor Made’ out on 21 Mar.

Of the theme of ‘custom craftsmanship’ that overarches the record, Daedelus says: “I not only intended it as a reflection of the LP itself, but also an outlook on life”. I’m still trying to work out what that statement might imply about the album, or about life, but I’m sure its something significant and to do with wearing elaborate velvet clothes.

Daedelus is to tour ahead of these new releases, kicking off a series of UK and European dates in London on 23 Feb. Meanwhile, the ‘Bespoke’ tracklist is as follows:

Tailor-Made (feat Milosh)
Sew, Darn, Mend
Penny Loafers (feat Inara George)
One and Lonely (feat Young Dad)
Suit Yourself
French Cuffs (feat Baths)
In Tatters (feat Kelela Mizanekristos)
Slowercase D
Overwelmed (feat Bilal)