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Daft Punk hint at deluxe Random Access Memories re-issue

By | Published on Tuesday 15 October 2013

Daft Punk

As is fairly predictable practice in our time, it looks as if Daft Punk are giving their newest LP, ‘Random Access Memories’, a special re-release, compiling the original tracklisting – and added extras, I’d imagine – into a costly box.

Whilst its specifics are still secret, the band did give a signed copy as a prize to #1 fan Janelle Rodriguez at the New York Comic Con last week, so it definitely exists.

It’ll probably have an additional disc, rarities, and a life-sized Pharrell cardboard cut-out…. blah blah blah. A quick glance at Rodriguez’s Twitter reveals she’s expecting to receive the set by 31 Dec, which may give an idea as to its release date.

Let’s end all this vagueness with what, I’m 99.99% certain, is DP’s Pharrell-featuring ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’: