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Dan Le Sac releases “most honest and best music” of his career on new EP

By | Published on Tuesday 21 April 2020

Dan Le Sac

Dan Le Sac has released ‘Scattershot’, the latest in a series of EPs the producer began putting out late last year. The releases see him explore new ways of making music, finding a new voice for himself following the split of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip.

It’s now more than five years since the final Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip show. Despite releasing various records – including two video game soundtracks – since then, these EPs truly mark a new era for him, he says.

“Post Dan Vs Pip I’ve felt utterly lost”, Le Sac explains. “Sure, there have been records made and released, but for a long time I struggled to know what my voice sounded like without Pip. [2018 album] ’63 Days’ was the first record that felt personal, like nothing was missing”.

“But the processes involved in creating it were still the same, tied to a laptop, tied to sloppy sample chopping and glitch virtual instruments”, he adds. “To truly feel like this was MY music, I had to change my process, and the three EPs are that journey”.

He went the EPs route – rather than waiting until an album was ready – out of “necessity – due to the pesky quest for rent”. But he was then pleased to discover “how freeing” this approach could be. “These EPs are teenage me unburdened by even the concept of the music industry machine, experimenting with sound and loving every minute of it”.

“My career ended when Pip and I walked off the Bestival stage in Sept 2014”, he concludes. “These EPs are me finally understanding that and making noise I love unburdened by impact dates, release schedules and promo. Basically, it’s the most honest, and I think, best music I’ve ever made”.

Listen to ‘Scattershot’ on Bandcamp here: