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Dan Le Sac releases new EP, The Death Of Me

By | Published on Thursday 28 November 2019

Dan Le Sac

Dan Le Sac has released new EP ‘The Death Of Me’ which sees him experimenting with new sounds and self-imposed limitations to create music that captures a moment.

“This EP was born out of frustration with mouse clicks and backlit screens”, he says. “Born out of an attempt to circumvent the tyranny of choice. Having infinite options, comes with it infinite opportunities to be paralysed by indecision. For me anyway. So I set myself arbitrary limitations: The computer cannot be more that a recording device; Record live, edit later; Everything I use must fit on my desk; No backsies”.

“In truth this EP was born out of frustration with myself”, he continues. “Too precious, too concerned with others ears, too aware of the business of music. This EP is a reflection on limitation and frustration. On tension and release. On making music in the moment. On moving beyond past glories”.

Listen to and buy ‘The Death Of Me’ on Bandcamp, here: