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Danny DeVito comes out in support of Jeremy Corbyn. And grime

By | Published on Monday 22 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn

Life is weird. Particularly at the moment. The UK delayed the start of negotiations to leave the European Union – which were already set to take place in an impossibly short space of time – in order to have an election we were promised wouldn’t take place. And now very much American Danny DeVito has joined British grime artists in supporting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in that election.

“UK, you’ve got the guy”, tweeted DeVito at the end of last week. “Register by May 22nd. Vote for Jeremy Corbyn – show us how it’s done! #grime4corbyn”.

Obviously it’s that hashtag that makes this music news – if tenuously so. The grime scene’s support for Corbyn and the Labour Party has been growing in recent weeks. As has the use of the #grime4corbyn hashtag. Does this mean DeVito is a closet grime fan? Maybe he could be the next person to chat politics with JME.

Although if there are to be any political collaborations with DeVito, a queue will have to form. Following an earlier DeVito endorsement last year, Jeremy Corbyn tweeted: “I feel a ‘Twins’ sequel coming on”.

Elsewhere, Corbyn opened for The Libertines at Wirral Live this weekend, and MIA has said that she’s registered to vote for the “first and only time” in this election.

Anyway, you only have until midnight tonight to register to vote, or you’ll just be left watching from the sidelines. Don’t disappoint Danny DeVito.