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Daphne & Celeste announce second album

By | Published on Thursday 8 February 2018

Daphne & Celeste

Daphne & Celeste and back. Properly back. You probably forgot that they’d already been back, but that doesn’t matter, because now they are back again. And this time, there’s an album.

The pop duo you remember for being fun/novelty/annoying/having bottles of piss thrown at them at the Reading Festival [delete as applicable] had a fairly short-lived career in 1999/2000. It probably went on for slightly longer than you might have expected though. I mean, they got an entire album out of it. It went to 140 in the UK charts. Hence the abrupt end to their ambitions.

Then, back in 2015, they returned with a new single, ‘You & I Alone’, produced by Max Tundra. There was talk of an album, but nothing ever came of it, which is why you’d forgotten all of this.

But wait! Something has come of it! There is going to be a second Daphne & Celeste album. It is called ‘Daphne & Celeste Save The World’ and it will be out on 30 Mar. Thirteen new songs produced by Max Tundra. One of those songs poses a question I often ask myself, ‘Whatever Happened To Yazz?’

“Hey folks”, say the duo in a statement. “We are a couple of humans named Daphne and Celeste. You haven’t seen us for a while, but we’ve been busy making something very special for you all”.

Anyway, they’ve got a new single out called ‘BB’, which may or may not be a swipe at Ed Sheeran.

Here also is a trailer for the record: