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Dappy charged with nightclub assault (yes, again)

By | Published on Monday 8 September 2014


Britain’s criminal justice system has added an extra line to rapper/singer/whatever Dappy’s fast-lengthening rap sheet, as the one-time N-Dub is found guilty of a nightclub assault charge. ‘Another’ nightclub assault charge, that is, ie in addition to that similar verdict reached earlier this year relating to an incident at Chicago’s nightclub in Chelmsford. You know the one I mean.

This latest knock to the Dapster’s ‘rep’ dates back to an alleged fight at Reading nightspot Evissa last October, when Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, is claimed to have hit one Devonn Reid in the face – and “popped” his nose – after Reid told him (Dappy) not to speak to his (Reid’s) girlfriend and female friend.

Appearing at Reading Magistrates’ Court last Friday, Contostavlos, who denied touching or assaulting Reid in any way, was convicted of one count of assault by battery, and released on unconditional bail. Having given the verdict, District Judge Lachhar told him that he could face prison, as this latest conviction is a breach of the six-month suspended jail sentence he received following the Chelmsford incident.

He will appear again for sentencing on 6 Oct.