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Dappy giving an alternative Christmas day message on Channel 4, if not the alternative Christmas day message on Channel 4

By | Published on Friday 26 November 2010

OK people, brace yourself from some very very very bad news. But there’s some goodish news that will follow it, so it’s not all gloom. Yesterday we reported that Dappy, King of all things N-Dubz, would be providing the Alternative Christmas Message that goes up against the Queen’s speech on Channel 4 on Christmas Day.

This widely reported story seemingly began with a report in The Sun, which said that the Dapster would go up against Queen Liz on Christmas Day on Channel 4 with a special message that would also be posted on the N-Dubz MySpace page.

The tabloid quoted the N-Dubz rapper as saying: “We thought it would be cool to do a special Christmas message to rival the Queen’s speech but I’ll be giving a very different take on things to Her Majesty. I’m going to be talking about things that matter to young people today, keeping it real and relevant”.

But we’ve now checked the Channel 4 schedules for Christmas Day and are obliged to tell you that if you tune in at 3pm that day you will not find real and relevant commentary from Mr Contostavlos, but some waffle from a staff member at the hospital the network has been following in its terrible maternity ward fly-on-the-wall show ‘One Born Every Minute’. Which is no fun whatsoever.

But, before you go cancelling Christmas, we have been assured that Dappy will appear on T4 on Channel 4 on Christmas morning with some festive thoughts to share with one and with all, so all is not lost. And presumably it is these thoughts that will also be posted on MySpace, which means you need not tolerate all the other T4 tediousities in order to witness them.

In fact, you can log on at 3pm and choose to watch them in the traditional Alternative Message time slot. Though, it being MySpace you might want to load up the page a few hours previous so it’s working by three. Come to think of it, you’d probably best go there on Christmas Eve. Or maybe next Wednesday.

Anyway, no fun Channel 4, but all is not lost for those who wish to celebrate the birth of Christ the na na naii way God surely intended.