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Dappy hit with nose job rumours

By | Published on Monday 20 January 2014


Former N-Dubz MC, currently unsavoury ‘CBB’ housemate, Dappy, is rumoured to have ‘told an untruth’ about that horse kicking him in the face, allegedly (or, rather, possibly) using the story as a cover-up to have a nose job.

The Mirror points to a picture that’s just come to light, apparently shared via Twitter (at the time of the horse thing) and abruptly wiped by Dapz, in which his face is uninjured, but he is sporting the same hospital gown as in the photo posted following the hoof-to-the-head mishap, in which his face is bruised and bandaged.

It’s all a bit odd. Or so thinks one of Dappy’s inner circle, who holds forth to the Mirror with: “It’s all very odd indeed, bruv. One of em shows him with a bust up nose and the other one doesn’t. Innit? I don’t get how his nose, which was where that horse kicked, could look normal at any point while he was in hospital. People were saying that it was like the ‘before’ pic of some cosmetic surgery. Weird, innit?”

Yeah, innit.