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Dappy: Leona’s view on riots is too simplistic

By | Published on Wednesday 21 September 2011


It’s the battle of minds you’ve been waiting for: Dappy v Leona Lewis. In an interview with The Guardian, the N-Dubz star was asked his thoughts on comments made by Leona Lewis in an interview with the same paper about last month’s riots, in which she said: “I don’t think there was any motivation behind it other than to cause trouble cos they’re bored and want free stuff. Total, total hoodrats. Little shits!”

Dappy responded thus: “If I’d said that, I’d probably get killed, bruv. I’ve been that guy. It’s imperative to think of this as well: if these youngsters doing these things, if they were all rich and had money in their pockets, they wouldn’t need to go into a shop and steal a bloomin microwave to sell it and get money. They’re broke. Not to condone it, but they’re broke”.

He continued: “We have to think: David Cameron, why has he put these universities up to [£9000]? Say if my little son grows up and [the Prime Minister] takes [fees] even higher and I become bankrupt, can I afford for my little youngster to go to uni? Why is [Cameron] taking benefits off people? He doesn’t have a clue. They’re quick to put these ‘hood rats’ down, but there’s an ‘if’ and there’s a ‘why'”.