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Dappy not bankrupt, has dough now and always will

By | Published on Wednesday 11 December 2013


Further to taking an unlucky horse shoe to the face (from this “biatch”, supposedly), and in the midst of a truly un-Christmassy chapter in the N-Dubz story, poor Dappy has had to publicly rebut rumours that he’s gone bankrupt.

Reacting to claims (repeated here via Daily Star) that he’d been given a January 2014 deadline to pay off a “massive tax bill”, and that he might go on Channel 5’s ‘Big Brother’ to raise the cash, the LDN MC climbed on Twitter earlier this week to set things straight.

Playing fast and loose with capital letters and exclamation marks, the first thing he said was: “WTF is all this bullshhhhhhh in the Paper!!!!!! I just got a quarter of a Mill!!!! Plus my New record deal is on Da Table!!!”

Insulting half of Blue in the process, he later added: “I got doe now and always will have!!!!!! If your talented you’ll always be financially stable!!!!!”