And Finally

Dappy says: “tell the police nothink”

By | Published on Thursday 17 June 2010

And now a little lesson on your rights with regards the criminal justice system, courtesy of planet pop’s chief legal expert, Mr Dappy N-Dubz. Well, sort of.

Dappy apparently admits in an upcoming Channel 4 documentary about the urban outfit that he and his bandmates often give false names if stopped and searched by the police. After explaining how the police “used to be a big problem to us back in the day” and “used to chase us anywhere we used to go”, the N-Dubz boy confirmed that he still wouldn’t give a police officer his real named if stopped.

But, Dappy critics note, and here comes your legal lesson of the day, giving a false name to a police officer in a stop and search scenario is not a criminal offence. A Scotland Yard spokesman told the BBC: “It is not an offence to give false information to police during a stop and search unless one is under arrest. The point of stop and search is not to ascertain your details but to undertake a search”.

But Dappy and co might want to note that if they are actually arrested, continuing with the false name could constitute perverting the course of justice. Not that Dappy is going to be arrested for anything, obviously.