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Data firm Entertainment Intelligence launches playlist tracking app

By | Published on Wednesday 29 June 2016

Entertainment Intelligence

Music data firm Entertainment Intelligence has announced the launch of a new playlist tracking app designed to help artists and labels understand the impact of playlists on how much their music is streamed, and therefore what income is generated.

Analysing and utilising the flood of social, sales, consumption and other data that is now available to music companies has been a challenge for a number of years now, of course, with various agencies offering platforms to collate and crunch all the stats. Though a number of those have subsequently been bought by digital music firms as in-house insight services.

Still independent Entertainment Intelligence says it “has been quietly working on a suite of [data] applications, including catalogue and campaign management; social and sales reporting and analytics; and playlist tracking. The company is working directly with record labels, music publishers, booking agents and management companies to craft the ultimate tools the music industry needs to solve the challenge of refining data to create actionable intelligence”.

Working out what impact the playlists on different streaming services have on consumption and therefore revenue has been rising up the data crunch priority list for a while now. Says EI of its new playlists-focused app: “The playlist app allows unprecedented insight into consumer behaviour, and the impact of playlist inclusion, with a significant level of granular data”.

EI director Sammy Andrews adds: “We’re building tools that will take your data, clean it and present it in a way that allows all stakeholders in the artist ecosystem to make informed decisions. We look forward to working with many more labels, artists and managers who want to understand their playlisting landscape, as well as working with the rest of the industry on some amazing tools we have in development”.