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Dave Grohl’s throne appears again, seating Greyhawk bassist Darin Wall

By | Published on Thursday 30 September 2021

Darin Wall on Dave Grohl's throne

The budget for big chairs in rock music is still apparently at an all time low, with Dave Grohl once again dusting off his big throne and lending it to a musician unable to stand. Greyhawk bassist Darin Wall took a turn using the seat at a recent show, after being shot in the leg outside a venue earlier this month.

In a post on Instagram, Wall said: “It was beyond a thrill to sit in Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters’ throne last night. This whole ordeal has been intense, surreal and humbling. Of course, I wish it never happened, and that this bullet was not in my leg, but the love and support the rock and metal community has shown is staggering. Words can’t describe how moving this night was. Thank you all!”

Explaining how he got shot in the leg, Wall told KTVB earlier this month that the incident began when he saw a man acting strangely outside a venue that Greyhawk had just played in Boise, Idaho. When Wall and a member of another band refused the suspicious man entry into the venue, he returned to his car and got a gun. During a subsequent physical altercation, Wall was shot in the upper thigh.

“I did get lucky with the location of the shot”, he said. “It’s in a place that’s not damaging anything that’s gonna be permanent, we don’t think”.

Grohl originally had his throne built in order to continue touring with Foo Fighters after falling off stage and breaking his leg in 2015. As well as providing somewhere for Grohl to sit, it also came with a big Foo Fighters logo and an almost certainly unnecessary amount of lights.

The throne was seen again in 2017 when Axl Rose borrowed it to tour with both Guns N Roses and AC/DC, after he injured his foot at a GNR show.

Earlier this year, Grohl told Classic Rock that he’d lent the throne out after GNR bassist Duff McKagan personally called him to ask if it was available. “So Axl took it out with Guns N Roses, then he took it out with AC/DC”, explained Grohl. “And then all of a sudden I became the guy you come to if you break a limb on tour, like Thrones R Us”.

As a thank you gift, Grohl revealed, Rose bought him “the nicest fucking guitar I have ever played in my life”. So, no pressure on Darin Wall there.