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Dave Stewart provides AMA commentary

By | Published on Tuesday 23 November 2010

So, Dave Stewart, he of the Eurythmics, has been doing what one Guardian article called ‘2screening’ the other day, providing a running commentary on Twitter of a TV show he was watching.

The show he was viewing was the previously reported American Music Awards, where Justin Bieber dominated and Rihanna and Katy Perry performed. And his Twitter commentary was rather amusing to say the least.

Remarking that the whole thing reminded him of the time “I injected amphetamines in my tearduct”, Stewart remarked of the awards show: “What would Lennon think if he was alive? He would throw up…”

He mused: “We used to have amazing artists now it’s fucking ridiculous, record labels are to blame… what the fuck has happened? We need artists directly communicating with their fans, get rid of the media companies fucking it up, greedy pigs…”

On Rihanna’s performance he remarked: “Rihanna, I’m sure you could be interesting but what the fuck are you doing, who the hell is writing these ridiculous songs?”

He later stressed that he isn’t just one of those over the hill ‘it’s not like it was in my day’ old dudes, and that he believes there are lots of great musical talents out there, but that the media and music industry isn’t presenting it right.

He said: “I love new young artists with something to say, in any style of music. Fucking TV crap, everyone is in a panic”, adding: “I’m going to try [to] get a music TV show on [a] USA TV network, amazing legend artists and new artists each week, I will choose and be host. I can’t just complain and not do anything, so I need to get [a] TV show”.

Admitting at one point “I suppose I’m drunk and shouldn’t be watching [the] AMAs”, he concluded his 2screening commentary thus: “Signing off with [one] last comment: Bring back ‘sex and drugs and rock n roll’, [it’s] better than ‘botox, tits and Auto-tune'”.