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David Attenborough launches remix competition

By | Published on Thursday 9 May 2019

David Attenborough

David Attenborough has, as I’m sure you were all expecting, launched a remix competition. Not cutting up his warnings about plastic in the ocean, but rather a recording of a tribe in Bali from 1956.

The track, titled ‘Gender Wayang’, is taken from Attenborough’s album of field recordings from across the globe, imaginatively titled ‘My Field Recordings From Across The Globe’. The compilation features, well, field recordings made across the globe by a young Attenborough between 1954 and 1963.

In 1956, while filming for BBC show ‘Zoo Quest’, he travelled to Indonesia, where he first discovered gamelan music, recording it on a tape recorder he carried with him. “The villagers will sit down while the leader of the gamelan orchestra will convey his composition, teaching them, one at a time how to play”, he recalls. “They then play this concerted music with extraordinary precision and real zest. So it is haunting music that you hear every night – or you did in those day – in the villages of Bali”.

What would make this even better, he now reckons, would be if someone put a bangin donk on it. Hence the remix competition. The winner of a public vote will be rewarded with an actual trophy at this year’s Songlines Music Awards.

You have until 10 Jun to submit entries. The final shortlist will be selected by a panel of judges made up of Cerys Matthews, Ghostpoet, Hannah Peel, Gilles Peterson and Matthew Herbert.

To enter the competition UK music creators will need to download the track, ‘Gender Wayang’, and will have until 6pm on Monday June 10 2019 to submit their remix via a private SoundCloud link. The winner will be announced on 1 Nov, ahead of the Songlines awards ceremony on 30 Nov.

Download the track and submit your entry here.