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David Bowie turned down “not very good” Coldplay collaboration

By | Published on Wednesday 20 January 2016


The NME might consider them Godlike Geniuses, but David Bowie turned down the opportunity to collaborate with Coldplay. “It’s not a very good song”, he apparently told them. Which seems like a fair enough reason to pass up the opportunity.

“[The song] had a sort of David Bowie-type character in it”, explained drummer Will Champion to the NME. “I think Chris phoned him up or wrote him a letter to say, ‘Please would you sing on it?’ and he said, ‘It’s not a very good song, is it?’ We were like, okay, we’ll take that as a no”.

“He was very discerning”, he added. “He wouldn’t just put his name to anything. So, we’ll give him credit for that”.