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Deadmau5 and Play Records settle lawsuit

By | Published on Wednesday 11 May 2016


Deadmau5 and his original label Play Records have reached a settlement in relation to legal action launched by the producer last year.

As previously reported, Deadmau5 sued Play Records founder Melleny Brown in October, accusing her of releasing remixes of his early work without permission. He recorded music for the label around a decade ago, before reaching an agreement that released him from his contracts with the company in 2008, following a change of management.

Although various tracks were assigned to the label under that deal, Deadmau5 said that under the agreement future remixes of his work could not be released without his consent. It was that term which he said had been breached.

In a new statement, the company says that the two sides have now reached a settlement, under which “Play Records continues to retain full rights, per a 2008 agreement between the parties, to exploit the master recordings and publishing of more than 100 original Deadmau5 tracks, collaborations and remixes created by Zimmerman, Melleefresh, Billy Newton Davis and Steve Duda between 2006-2008”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Play also agreed to not create any new remixes of those tracks as part of the settlement.

Commenting, Brown said: “We are pleased to reach a mutually beneficial resolution, given our long-standing business history”.