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Death From Above 1979 to release live EP recorded at Third Man Records

By | Published on Thursday 21 April 2016

Death From Above 1979

Third Man Records is to release a new Death From Above 1979 live EP tomorrow, featuring a performance in the Jack White-owned label’s Blue Room studio.

“We’ve always been wary of live recording experiences because they can end up so sterile and flat sounding and they hardly ever translate the feeling of the actual show. The feeling of the moment”, say the duo.

“[However] when we were asked to record ‘Live At Third Man Records’ we agreed without hesitation. If there is one person who knows about feeling the moment, it’s Jack White. He’s the patron saint of vibes. We cut two 20 minute long sets straight to acetate. No second chances. Terrifying but alive. Third Man were such phenomenal hosts and the audience went bananas with us. It was such an honour to be a part of. The whole thing was such a rush, it almost feels like a dream”.

“Oh yeah, Mick Jagger was there”, they continue. “Did we mention that we went out to dinner with Jack and Mick after and then went bowling until 3am?”

No, you did not. I’m not sure this information is relevant to your live recording in the slightest, though. Disagreeing, they add: “It’s also worth noting that Jack got the highest score followed by Sebastien. Mick and Jesse tied”.

Nope. But you can listen to ‘Right On Frankenstein’ from the EP here: