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Death Grips join Universal, launch own imprint

By | Published on Wednesday 10 July 2013


Death Grips’ track record with major labels isn’t great, having “purposefully” got themselves dropped by Sony Music’s Epic last year. However, they’ve now announced a new alliance with the most major of all the majors, Universal.

The new deal will see the group launch their own imprint, Thirdworlds, underneath Capitol’s Harvest label in the US. For a long time an archive label, Harvest was relaunched earlier this year as an active imprint, after much of the unit’s European catalogue was sold off as part of Universal Music’s agreement to get regulator approval for its EMI takeover.

Provided they can stop themselves from leaking it first, Death Grips will release their first album under this deal at some point next year.

Anyway, here’s drummer Zach Hill playing while wearing handcuffs for some reason: